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Tekijä (t):Ozerov, Mikhail Yu
Wennevik, V.
Niemelä, E.
Vasemägi, Anti
Vorontsova, T.
Kalske, T. H.
Olsen, A. A.
Høstmark, M. S.
Smeland, A. F.
Aineiston nimi:Genome-wide analysis of the temporal genetic variation of Atlantic salmon populations in Finnmark rivers, northern Norway
Asiasanat:Finnmark, genetiikka, kalakannat, lohi - salmo salar, lohikalat, Pohjois-Norja, vaihtelu - vaihtelut
Kustantaja:Kolarctic CPC
Lehti/sarja ym.:Kolarctic CBC – Project
Lisätietoa:Report 21 (XXI) Abstract Atlantic salmon populations in Norway face a variety of threats, which in turn is compounded by climate change, affecting the arctic areas most. In northern Norway salmon populations’ status remains relatively stable, however, the increasing pressure from farming industry in combination with growing mean annual water temperatures in rivers and at sea puts these populations at risk. Investigating temporally replicated samples may assist in the detection of changes in population genetic structure and diversity in time, which in turn aids in evaluation of the consequences of environmental changes, such as deterioration of habitat, climate change, introgression from hatchery supplementations or farmed escapees. We screened twelve northern Atlantic salmon populations over 9 to 14 years using a high genome coverage SNP-array (> 60,000 SNPs) to evaluate the level of temporal genetic variation on genome-wide level. We aimed to identify SNPs showing significant allele frequency differences among temporally replicated samples within populations and characterize biological functions of those genomic regions...
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