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Tekijä (t):Niemelä, E.
Hassinen, E.
Høstmark, M. S.
Kalske, T. H.
Aineiston nimi:Weekly catches in numbers and weights of salmon in bag net and bend net fisheries are indicating the timing and migration periods of small, medium and large salmon in four salmon districts in Finnmark
Asiasanat:atlantinlohi, Finnmark, lohi - salmo salar
Kustantaja:Kolarctic CPC
ISBN/ISSN: 978-82-94021-10-9
Lehti/sarja ym.:Kolarctic CBC – Project
Lisätietoa:Report 11 (XI) Abstract in Norway in 1993, new orders came in force regarding how to inform about the daily salmon catches. The new catch reporting orders included that catches should be reported daily, and divided in three size groups ( <3kg, 3-7kg, >7 kg) in numbers and weights. Catch reports should also inform if salmon were caught in bag net or bend net. Salmon in the weight group <3kg corresponds salmon in the age of one seawinter, 3-7kg corresponds salmon in the age of two seawinter and also most of previous spawning salmon age groups, >7 kg corresponds salmon in the age of 3-5 seawinter salmon. Graphs for each municipality are showing weekly catches from bag net and bend net fishery combined. Nowadays, salmon fishing restrictions are differing between geographical areas and in one municipality there can be areal fishing restrictions, like in Sør-Varanger municipality. Weekly numbers of salmon in the catches show how much the catches have declined after the new fishing restrictions...
Sijainti:Vain verkkojulkaisuna