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Tekijä (t):Niemelä, E.
Hassinen, E.
Kuusela, J.
Kalske, T. H.
Høstmark, M. S.
Aineiston nimi:The development of water temperatures throughout the summer in the coastal rivers in Northern Norway and in the River Tana watershed (Norway and Finland); daily and hourly variations
Asiasanat:joki - joet, kehitys - kehittyminen, lämpötila, Pohjois-Norja, rannikkoalueet, Tenojoki, vaihtelu - vaihtelut
Kustantaja:Kolarctic CPC
Lehti/sarja ym.:Kolarctic CBC – Project
Lisätietoa:Report 4 (IV) Abstract Mean hourly and daily water temperatures are fluctuating in the same way in the summer months June, July, August and September in all large, medium and small size salmon rivers in eastern Finnmark, as well as in small brooks in the River Tana watershed. The reasons for these fluctuations are simultaneous changes in the climate, like air temperature and precipitation, which are affecting at the same time and on the same way in larger geographical areas. Rivers in eastern Finnmark do not have large enough lakes that could eqalize water temperatures in running waters below the lakes. In the River Neidenelv there are more lakes which stabilize temperatures in running water than for example in the neighboring rivers Karpelv, Sandneselv, Munkelv, Klokkerelv and Nyelv. Water temperature in the lower area of the River Utsjoki has not remarkable mean hourly and daily fluctuations because above that river stretch, the large and deep lake Mantojärvi equalizes the water temperatures. In the lake Mantojärvi water does not cool down so fast in autumn and therefore running water below that lake is clearly warmer in autumn than in neighboring rivers. The same kind of simultaneous water temperature fluctuations in all northern rivers and brooks are reflecting also into the same kind of ecological parameters in juvenile salmon, like same growth rhythm and timing of smolt migrations from rivers to sea.
Sijainti:Vain verkkojulkaisuna