The Finnish Sport Fishing Federation (1919- )

The founding meeting was held at the Seurahuone in Helsinki on November 26, 1919. At the meeting, 17 founding, 3 regular, and 27 annual members were recorded as the founders of the association. Juhani Aho played a significant role in the establishment of the federation. His opening speech at the founding meeting provided the ideological guidelines for the federation for a long time.

The Finnish Sport Fishing Federation (SUKL) works to promote recreational fishing using angling equipment in Finland, encouraging interest in both the care of fishing waters and the development and organization of fishing conditions. The federation serves as a link between sport anglers and the associations they have founded.

The first chairman of the federation was Assessor William Wallenius (1919–1930), followed by Professor Ernst Ehnrooth (1931–1945). The federation began publishing its own magazine called “Urheilukalastaja” in 1937. The magazine continued under the name “Urheilukalastus” until 2013 when it merged with the “Vapaa-ajan kalastaja” magazine in 2014.