Aineiston tiedot

Tekijä (t):Madhun, A. S.
Wennevik, V.
Aineiston nimi:The occurrence of viral infection in juvenile salmon parr from rivers located in northern Norway
Asiasanat:Altajoki, Finnmark, Grense Jakobselv, kalataudit - kalasairaudet, Kongsfjordelva, Lakselva, Målselva, Tenojoki, Tromssa - Tromsö, Vestre Jakobselv, virus - virukset
Kustantaja:Kolarctic CPC
Lehti/sarja ym.:Kolarctic CBC – Project
Lisätietoa:Report 23 (XXIII) Abstract Aquaculture of Atlantic salmon is a growing industry, with an increasing proportion of the production taking place in northern areas. As climate change may increase sea temperatures further this development is expected to continue, and it will be associated with an increased environmental impact on the northern ecosystems in general, and on wild salmon populations. One impact with negative consequences for wild salmon populations is interbreeding with escaped farmed salmon. As a part of the previous Kolarctic Salmon project, and the present CoASal project, the proportion of escaped salmon in the coastal fishery catches was registered and verified by scale analysis. The data collected shows how escaped farmed fish are distributed in the different areas, and how it has varied over time. The results are the most comprehensive data sets existing in Norway for the marine distribution of escaped famed salmon.
Sijainti:Vain verkkojulkaisuna