Aineiston tiedot

Tekijä (t):Niemelä, E.
Hassinen, E.
Kalske, T. H.
Høstmark, M. S.
Aineiston nimi:Salmon resources in North Norway with special focus in terms of long-term development in the numbers of fishing sites and fishers, fishing methods and salmon catches at sea
Asiasanat:atlantinlohi, kalastus, Pohjois-Norja
Kustantaja:Kolarctic CPC
Lehti/sarja ym.:Kolarctic CBC – Project
Lisätietoa:Report 17 (XVII) Abstract Salmon fishing at sea in international waters was more or less unregulated until the year 1984, when the NASCO convention was signed by the countries bordering to North Atlantic Ocean. After the implementation of the convention all salmon fishing was prohibited in international waters, except for an annual quota for Faroese fisheries, that was accepted in annual NASCO meetings. Faroese quota resulted in annual catches of 300-400 tons until the year 1990. After that, the catches have been only at some tens of tons. Another important decision made to protect and increase wild salmon stocks, was the prohibition of driftnet fishery in Norway. This fishery took place mainly in Northern Norway west of Nordkapp, in home waters. Annual reported salmon catches at sea and in the rivers together exceeded 13 000 tons from the end of 1960’s to the middle of 1970s’...
Sijainti:Vain verkkojulkaisuna