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Tekijä (t):Niemelä, E.
Hassinen, E.
Kalske, T. H.
Høstmark, M. S.
Aineiston nimi:Salmon resources in North Atlantic with special focus in terms of numbers, weights, timing and proportions between small, medium and large size salmon in the river catches in Finnmark and Troms
Asiasanat:Altajoki, Atlantin valtameri, atlantinlohi, Finnmark, joki - joet, kalasaaliit, kalavarat, Pohjois-Norja, Tenojoki, Tromssa - Tromsö
Kustantaja:Kolarctic CPC
Lehti/sarja ym.:Kolarctic CBC – Project
Lisätietoa:Report 16 (XVI) Abstract The numbers of salmon caught in each river fluctuates from year to year. They are caused by the natural fluctuations in the stocks ascending into the rivers. Restrictions in salmon fishery both at sea and in the rivers have also caused annual changes in the catches. Fishing efforts measured with the numbers of bag nets and bend nets, as well as the numbers of recreational fishermen and the number of fishing days have impacts on the reported catches. Restrictions in the coastal fishery together with unfavorable weather conditions for bag net and bend net fishery might have, in some years, increased the abundance of salmon in the river catches. Reported salmon catches have declined since the year 2000 in the River Tana watershed, in the River Neidenelv, in all other salmon rivers combined in Finnmark and at sea in Finnmark. In salmon catches from the rivers Tanaelv, Neidenelv and from all other rivers combined in Finnmark, small salmon (smaller than 3 kg or 1SW) has been occurring in higher amounts compared to the catches at sea. Sea salmon fishing is generally targeting more towards larger salmon, especially medium size salmon (2SW), but also in the River Tanaelv multi-sea-winter salmon has been an important target...
Sijainti:Vain verkkojulkaisuna