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Tekijä (t):Hardy
Aineiston nimi:Perhokela : Hardy "The Perfect" 3 3/8"
Asiasanat:Englanti, kelat, perhokalastus
Kustantaja:Hardy Bros. Ltd
Lehti/sarja ym.:
Lisätietoa:1891: The First Hardy Perfect Hardy perfect flyTo begin with the brothers bought in most of the tackle they sold, their reels, for example, coming from Malloch. However, as the firm expanded, Hardys found themselves with a reputation for superior quality tackle to defend and realised that they could hardly continue to depend on products made by competitors, so in 1891, after three years of patient development, they launched a reel which became their most famous product, the Perfect. It was an instant success and the firm has built it, with occasional interruptions, right up to the present day, a feat that no other tackle manufacturer can even begin to challenge.
Sijainti:M-päätyvitriini, Walton