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Tekijä (t):Hansen, Lars P.
Quinn, T. P.
Aineiston nimi:The marine phase of the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) life cycle, with comparisons to Pacific salmon
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Lisätietoa:Eripainos: Can. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 55(Suppl. 1): 104-118 Abstract Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) are distributed over large areas in the north Atlantic Ocean. They usually move very quickly from freshwater to oceanic areas, whereas there is considerable variation among Pacific salmon in early marine movements. In some areas, Atlantic salmon of exploitable size are sufficiently abundant that commercial high seas fisheries have developed. Such areas are off west Greenland, where North American and European fish are harvested, and in the Norwegian Sea, north of the Faroe Islands, where mainly European fish are exploited. Atlantic salmon feed on a wide range of large crustaceans, pelagic fish, and squid in the marine environment, supporting the hypothesis that Atlantic salmon are opportunistic feeders. In the ocean the salmon grow relatively quickly and the sea age when they become sexually mature depends on both genetics and on growing conditions. Natural marine mortality of salmon is highest during the first few months at sea and the major mortality factor is probably predation...
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