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Tekijä (t):Foster, Muriel
Aineiston nimi:Muriel Foster´s Fishing Diary
Asiasanat:kalastus, päiväkirjat
Kustantaja:Penguin Group
Painopaikka:New York
Lehti/sarja ym.:
Lisätietoa:Muriel Constance Foster was born in June 1884, in the village of Shenley in Surrey, England. She was the first daughter in a typically Victorian upper-middle-class family of four girls and two boys. Muriel Foster's interests, which included fencing as well as fishing, were always allied with those of her brothers. This remarkable fishing diary, on which Aunt Muriel lavished so much of her affection and skill, was never intended for publication but was simply a private document of one of her most pleasurable lifelong activities. It has been my most treasured possession, and it is in the spirit of tribute to my aunt that I wish to share it, even with those who never had the pleasure of knowing her. (Source: Publisher)
Sijainti:C-Vapaa-ajan kalastus, eng, isokokoinen