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ABU’s first steps

ABU’s first steps Abu has been important to many Finnish fishermen. When Nyt nappaan arrived at the stores, it was always a sure sign of the summer, and it was read with great interest. The history of Abu is well known, and much has been written abou ...

First fish book written by a Finn

First fish book written by a Finn   Ari Savikko The history of fish-related books written in Finland or by Finns dates back to the early 1700s. The Finnish writings of the fishing industry were dissertations, they were rather concise, and not ve ...

Juhani Aho, a national fixture on the mantelpiece

Juhani Aho, a national fixture on the mantelpiece Juhani Aho (previously known as Johannes Brofeldt) 11.9.1861–8.8.1921 has been celebrated nation-widely, previously in 2011, when it would’ve been his 150th birthday, and 90 years had passed since he ...


NEW FISHING METHODS IN THE NORTHERN RIVERS There has been a well-known interest in salmon in Torniojoki as long as a man has lived by the river. Fishing methods have evolved, but it was already in 1738, when the most efficient one was introduced. And ...

Tornionjoki, Väylä

Tornionjoki, Väylä Tornionjoki (Torne älv in Swedish, Duortnoseatnu in Sami language, Tornionväylä in Meänkieli) is a river that’s 510 kilometres long, located in northern Sweden and Finland. The river begins from Sweden, but the downstream south fro ...

World’s rarest fish book?

World’s rarest fish book? Determining the world’s rarest fishing book isn’t straightforward. The existing number of books and their age are the most important factors that can be measured. The older it is, the less there are existing books left. When ...